Chapel Valley Studios

Chapel Valley Summer SpecialCHAPEL VALLEY STUDIO was established in January of 1996 as CHURCH HOUSE STUDIOS in Middlesboro, Kentucky by Travis & Shane Roark. In 2005, the studio was relocated to Travis & Shane’s hometown of Sharps Chapel, Tennessee and renamed CHAPEL VALLEY STUDIO. Travis and Shane have been in the music business for nearly 25 years. They both play with their family group, THE ROARKS. Shane has played and produced in many studios for several years.  He has also written numerous successful charting songs and in 1996 was nominated by the GOSPEL VOICE as songwriter of the year. THE ROARKS and CHAPEL VALLEY STUDIO have dedicated their lives to the Word of GOD and to their music ministry. THE ROARKS, being in the music ministry for many years, realize the importance of a good quality recording. The staff at CHAPEL VALLEY STUDIO strives to make every project the best one the client has ever had. THE ROARKS also know that the product on your table can help you get down the road to the next appointment where you can lift up the wonderful name of JESUS. This is why CHAPEL VALLEY STUDIO will give you the quality of NASHVILLE and a family atmosphere, all at an affordable price. So before you record your next project, please give us a call and see how our staff can help you.


Artists shouldn’t spend their time going from recording studio, to record label, to management company. With CHAPEL VALLEY STUDIO, everything is taken care of with one company, allowing the artist to concentrate on what is most important, spreading the GOSPEL. Our staff has the management, leadership and industry skills along with the experience to make sure that the artist is everything that they can possibly be. Allow CHAPEL VALLEY STUDIO to take you to the next level of the recording experience.


State Of The Art Technology – Over 25 Years Experience – Award Winning Session Musicians – Uncompromising Attention To Detail – Unprecedented Service – Unbelievable Value


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Bended Knee


 The Dudley Bunch!

One focus of our ministry is towards family.  Families are under attack right now, and our family has been no exception.  We have found the Peace of the Lord through the storms that have raged through our family.  We have seen healing, restoration, joy, and hope in the midst of our trials.  We hope to bring that message of hope, through the Lord to all families.

We have blended together 2 families, and we have adopted 4 children from the U.S. foster care system.

Our family has used Gods Children Adoption Agency from Fergus Falls MN and Fargo ND.  We encourage you to contact them if your in the MN, ND area and are considering adopting.  Go to:  or call: 877-233-2025

We are wanting to travel, if you would like us to come to your town or event… Just drop us a line or give us a call.  We will work with you and others in your area to make it work!


“If It Wasn’t For The Blood” was released Independant April 2011


“He Gave Me A Friend” was released by Tate Music Group April 2012


“Downhome Country Christmas”was released Independant November 2012


“I Surrender” should be released in April 2013

We are looking to book this years calendar, there is still time to add your church or venue!  Big or small, local or out of state, give us a call and we can work something out.

The Tiptons


Dan Tipton
Birthday:  November 12th
Married: Mary Beth Tipton
Children: Jacob, Jackson, Jacie
Lesa Tipton
Birthday: April 4th
Children: Chris & AimeeVirginia Tipton
Married: Late Jack Tipton
Birthday: January 13th
Children: Sharon, Lesa, Dan
Great Grandchildren:Dennis & Jamie Esteb
Children: Matthew & Denise

Virginia started singing in public at approximately 3 years of age at the local general store, where she would sing for her choice of candy from the enclosed glass case!  She continued to sing and entered and won various talent shows over the years.

At age 15, Virginia met and later married Jack Tipton. Jack was a singer and musician in a country band. Virginia occasionally sang with them.  God called to her at age 21 and she gave her heart and life to the Lord.  Jack followed a few years later and they sang as a trio with a friend Carol Allender.

Carol co-wrote two of the songs featured on the “Oh Bless His Name” project. Carol left the group when she and her husband Norman became missionaries to Mexico. God has blessed them and used them to win countless souls for the Kingdom as they have preached the gospel and spread the word of God’s love for many years now.

Jack and Virginia continued on with their ministry.  Over time they had three children Sharon, Lesa and Dan.  Sharon is a mother of two; Melanie and Jeff and has four stepsons. She is a grandmother of seven, and is a preschool teacher. Sharon sings and has a children’s puppet ministry in her church.  Lesa is a mother of two; Chris and Aimee. Dan is the only son.  Dan’s wife, Beth, and his three children, Jacob, Jackson and Jacie stand faithfully by his ministry, as well as Lesa’s family stand by her.

Dan & Lesa followed the glamour of the world for the early part of their lives, but they too came to Christ, and now devote their talents to God’s work in song, hoping to win souls for God’s kingdom. Recently after many prayers God lead good friends Dennis and Jamie Esteb to become a part of The Tiptons. Jamie and Dennis are a great blessing to The Tiptons. They attended church with Dan and Lesa while they were growing up. Dennis plays bass and Jamie plays piano. With Dennis, Jamie, Dan, Lesa and Virginia make up; The Tipton’s. 

Our purpose as The Tipton’s is to promote God’s love and his Great Plan of Salvation, for we truly feel the Lord Jesus is returning very soon! God grant that we may be a blessing and inspiration to all whom that we are fortunate to minister to. 

Our precious husband and dad Jack Tipton departed this life to be with the Lord on March 7th 2009 after a long battle with Alzheimers. God blessed dad with a natural talent for music and singing. He inspired us to continue on with his ministry. He was loved very much and is missed very much.

John Randolph

John Randolph , HLE Radio Featured Artist

>Click Here To Visit John Randolph’s Website<


John Randolph , HLE Radio Featured Artist


“Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord, O my soul. I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live!”
– Psalm 146:1-2

 John Randolph

The book of Psalms is a walk through the life of David that spans many years and many emotions. From joy and happiness to despair and total loss – but in all places David never lost sight of His calling and never stopped earnestly seeking God’s will and way for his life.

While he will never profess to be anywhere close the man that David was, John’s life shows that there is hope for even the simplist of people from a king like David, to a murderer like Paul. John’s hearts desire is  to be used as an instrument by our Heavenly Father through music and His word to encourage others and show what He can do if you are willing to give up your life, take up your cross and follow Him daily!

We serve a mighty God who can use anyone to deliver His message – small children, teenagers, middle-aged professionals or in Moses’ case, an 89-year-old convicted murderer. The world will tell you you’re too old, too young, too busy, have too many obligations to serve God. The world will tell you that you’re too much of a sinner, too far gone or too far down the road you have chosen to travel. The world will tell you that you’re story is too far into the book to be rewritten. John is living proof that God is a faithful and just God who is the ultimate Author and Finisher of the story of our lives and The Story of Your Life isn’t over till He says so!

JohnRandolphJohn Randolph

C-4 Crankdown Christian Country Concert

HLE Radio Listener Appreciation Concert

When: March 23rd, 2013

Where:  Bethal Baptist Church Grounds

            15147 Hwy 102 Jennings La.


Line up so far:

John Steed

Hunter Erwin

Crossfire Gospel Band

John Randolph

Tim Miller

Shelly Wilson


***Hotel Rooms Have been blocked off for this event starting March 22nd and 23rd 2013.  You can book your room with the hotel of your choice at a discount by referring to HLE Radio.


DAYS INN     337-824-5380                    HAMPTON INN       337-824-2699     

Double/$60 +tax                                   Double/$89 +tax      Suite $109 +tax

603 Holiday Drive                                   310 W Fred and Ruth Zigler Memorial Drive 

Jennings, La. 70546                               Jennings, La. 70546


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Red Roots

Red Roots

    Red Roots

The lives of three, red-headed, identical triplet sisters are best summed up in the band name Red Roots.  With now a second album “Middle of Nowhere” released, Red Roots has developed a sweet, pop-country sound while incorporating an inspirational message. Their journey of growth can be heard and seen through the band, but was ultimately shaped by their “roots” of family, faith, and music.
Around nineteen years ago, our parents Mark and Sherry Taylor were told they were having one baby. That was good news to them and our four-year old brother at the time Mark Jr. A week later the news changed quite a bit after the doctor saw one more baby in the ultrasound. Now, instead of one there were two. Another week passed by, and our parents made another visit to the doctor. After performing an ultrasound, they saw a big difference in what they had seen before, three babies! Around seven months later, three very-healthy triplet girls were born.

Having Christian parents first helped develop our Red Roots. It seemed that we were always in church, and my parents instilled in us Christian morals and principles. At church we were introduced to music, so we were involved in the children’s choir. Around the age of four and five, we began our singing debut in a choir musical singing “Be Near Me Lord Jesus.” At that same time, we began asking our parents to play instruments. Nika started first on the guitar after challenging our brother Mark Jr. to a “Yankee Doodle” duel. It was her favorite song and only song she knew, so my brother didn’t stand a chance. Natalie’s piano lessons soon followed at the age of nine. Her friends were also taking, so she was accused of taking lessons because of them. Maybe a year later, Nicole started asking my parents for drum lessons. My mom said that she tried to discourage her by saying that only boys played the drums. Negative comments were also spoken to her by the band director when he said she had no rhythm. If either of them actually did discourage her, we couldn’t tell. My mom caved in for local drum lessons, but the teacher didn’t have a spot. Long story made short, mom prayed for God to open the door if it was His will, and a spot became available at the exact time she wanted. Our band was formed. We all three would set up in our playroom and attempt to play the same song together. It was a lot harder than we thought, especially since we started out playing “Shout to the Lord.” Unknowingly to us, my mom was praying, “Anoint them to sing for your glory, Lord.” This prayer marked the beginning of our Red Roots.

God opened many doors for us as we first started out. Our pastor Bro. Bill Barton had started an alcohol rehabilitation center called the Home of Grace, so he asked us to play there monthly. We were paired with a former addict named Rodney Williams who would preach after we sang. The men always would scream and clap no matter how many clunkers Natalie hit on the keyboard, beats Nicole would be off on the drums, or chords missed on the guitar by Nika. They truly worshipped God there and encouraged us each month we came. Bro. Rodney and we made a great team because both of us were just starting out. He would also invite us to play at schools and churches where he would give his testimony, which he later wrote in a book titled, Club Meth to Christ. We both shared the common message of the Red Roots of Christ.
We eventually started playing other instruments. At thirteen years old, Nicole played the drums, banjo, and bass. Nika added playing the mandolin along with the guitar. Natalie picked up the violin, bass, and accordion to go along with her keyboard. Our style of music at the time consisted of a mixture of Christian contemporary and bluegrass. Little by little, we would get calls from churches and others wanting us to play. This was so important to us because it gave us a reason and a desire to keep practicing. My parents said that if we were invited to play three places in a month then we could get a trailer to haul our equipment in. No more than a month passed by, and we had our trailer. Now all we needed was a group name. One day, our aunt called my mom saying that we should name our group “Red Roots.” We had a few to choose from, but this suited us best. After all, we did have red hair. As we grew older, our eyes and hearts were opened. As teenagers, God revealed to us that being involved in church or in a Christian band would not save us. We felt a need for His forgiveness and His presence in our lives. Even though we had a Christian band before, it became personal from that point on. God put a deep desire in our hearts to serve Him through music. He showed us that all of our circumstances were not coincidental. God had a purpose for us in our lives, and He began to give us a passion for His purpose. Now we truly did have Red Roots, not only on the outside, but also on inside.
During our senior year, we bought our mom tickets to an Isaacs’s concert for her birthday. We noticed, while purchasing the tickets, there was also a talent contest that night. Winning the contest was exciting, but playing with the Isaacs was even more exciting! Later, Ben Isaacs became the producer of our first single. This caught the attention of Rick Schweinsberg and Johnny Sansom, of Daywind Recording Studios, and we were signed to their Red Hen Label. Rick Schweinsberg produced the rest of the songs on our album and currently develops our group. Our mom wasn’t the only one who got a present that night!
The Red Roots CD was finally released on Jan. 24th, 2011. The CD features our first radio single “Red Roots.” Yes. Red Roots is also our group name. Both our group name and song represent the core message and focus of our group that we are rooted in the blood of Christ. His sacrifice on the cross gave our lives meaning and hope. The song “Red Roots” tells a story of a dad and his daughter going on a hunting trip looking for Sassafras trees. They need the red roots of the Sassafras trees to make red tea with. The dad uses the hunting trip to show his daughter how the red roots of the sassafras tree compare to the red roots of Jesus Christ. The song “Red Roots” blends our earlier bluegrass and contemporary styles to form our new Christian Country sound.
Red Roots’ sophomore album, “Middle of Nowhere,” was recently released March 20, 2012. Singles like “Sweet” and “Middle of Nowhere,” co-written by the girls, allow them to express that “life isn’t candy-coated…but sweet with you, Lord” and without Christ, your life is aimless “in the middle of nowhere.” The album, produced by Rick and Micah Schweinsberg, reflects their growth not only as singers and musicians but their spiritual growth in their need for God. Red Roots thanks music fans for their continued support and prayers.

Red Roots

Jeff Stansberry

Jeff Stansberry

Jeff Stansberry

Just signing his first songwriting/publishing deal with Melody Roundup Music in November of 2009 this singer, songwriter and auctioneer known Jeff “Ding” Stansberry writes country, christian and gospel music. Molded by influences from Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and Ronnie Milsap, to The Fairfield Four Quartet, Stansberry has a rather wide vocal range which enables him to sing different styles of music. He has a unique sound in which one can hear the East Tennessee hills and Gospel roots in his interpretation and yet pick up the soul and emotion of the music he loved and embraced growing up. He makes his home with his wife and two sons in the Nashville area.

Jeff Stansberry

Eight Days After

Eight Days After

Eight Days After

Christian Country & Southern Rock

Eight Days After was formed in August 2006 with a vision to reach the audience with songs that are spiritual and positive. We have performed in front of crowds of 5 to 10,000 in attendance. From small congregations to arenas, we have been blessed with opportunities to perform our music and minister.

Mission Statement:
We are a ministry of Christians who are willing vessels for God, choosing to use our gifts and talents to glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We present the gospel in music and by teaching God’s word wherever He opens a door. We believe in the Word of God, accepting only through the blood of Christ you can be saved. We believe that following in the footsteps that Jesus left we can have a closer walk with God, our Heavenly Father.

Eight Days After