Shelly Wilson


Bumps in the Road: Shelly Wilson’s Story

In 2002, Shelly Wilson had just given birth to her sweet baby boy. she had a great job in the corporate world with many friends and much success in business. Shelly Wilson had no idea that 4 months later she would be taking a wild turn and meet the Savior of the world. She trudged through panic attacks, consuming fear, and a time where reality seemed to slip away, literally. Yet in the midst of it all…She found HIM! In the midst of her insanity, He..this Jesus She had heard about all her life… began to talk to her and She realized for the first time…He was real.


Shelly Wilson


You see at a young age Shelly Wilson walked the isle of a church and was baptized, however, at 30 years old in the middle of her struggle it became evident to her that She had been living a lie most of her life.  Shelly Wilson suddenly realized She had never had a real personal relationship with this Christ She had heard about in Sunday School. She was merely a Christian in name only because it was how She was raised. “Mom was a Christian. Why wouldn’t I be one too?” Then out of desperation I, Shelly, called out His name myself! With that one cry, the worst time of my life….became the most beautiful time of my life. It was then that Shelly Wilson gave Him her heart! All of it! From then on She has been smitten with the lover of her soul. A new birth occurred. Shelly Wilson became truly a NEW CREATION, the old desires were fading away and She set out to discover more about this voice she was finally hearing for herself. It was no longer just a story or a fairy tale.  She was the daughter of the KING, adopted by His majesty and it was time for Shelly Wilson to take her place in the Kingdom with Him.


..”Immeasurably More” than you could ever think or imagine..Ephesians 3:20

I had always had a deep desire to be a singer since a little girl, but it seemed so impossible. After all, I lived in a small town, couldn’t read music or play any instruments so how could it ever be anything but a dream.  Then the Lord showed me who He was and what He wanted to do with my life. It really had nothing at all to do with me, except spending my days learning to be obedient to His requests, big or small. He is the one who creates out of NOTHINGNESS! He showed me All things are possible with Him when you believe. From one miracle after another we conquered debilitating stage fright, chronic illness, and numerous fears I cannot even count. He showed me a gift of songwriting after I stepped into ministry. It first began as simple blogs and journaling. Then He began waking me up with lyrics, dropping melodies in my head in my prayer closet, or allowing me to walk through moments of pain, joy, sadness, or challenges. Each moment seemed to end up as a song with a message directly to my heart as I understood He was teaching me His ways through music.  Some people get sermons, but I get songs! I have learned it’s simply His way with me.  This has become our division of ministry called Shelly Wilson Music.


The Outreach:


Drama Queen Ministries is an outreach of Shelly Wilson Ministries with a vision to encourage girls of all ages to take their place in the Kingdom.

Shelly is the Founder and President and is actively involved in the various arms of ministry that God has birthed through Drama Queen Ministries. DQM provides outreaches such as Drama Queen Magazine, DQK Online Club, DQK Live Events for girls and women, in addition to the newly  launched  evangelical endeavor through DQK Clubs.

Drama Queen Ministries takes the gospel of Jesus Christ to racing fans at Nascar races across the country with their partners NFRM (National Fellowship of Raceway Ministries). Shelly has taken a position as Director of Women’s Ministries with NFRM to reach women and girls in the racing community.

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