Getting ready for the new show!

 It’s Gonna Be Big!

 It’s Gonna Be Big!

I think your going to be surprised at how much we’ve improved our format since the last chapter of  The Vic Heart Show. In an effort to bring quality programming to our listeners, we have increased the size of our programming team. While I’m at it, let me invite you to become a part our team now! — Email me: and let me know if you would like to be a part of The Vic Heart Show. —

We have a responsibility as Christians, I believe, to bring this message of Hope to all the world! It’s wonderful to see how HLE Radio is doing just that through a medium so close to home. All around the world and in your neighborhood, is HLE Radio broadcasting Christian Country music and entertaining Christ-led shows!

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The Vic Heart Show: Chapter 2 is ahead! Turn the page and indulge yourself in Christian narrative, never before heard quite like this! Keeping it real, keeping it Country, and always keeping it Christian: HLE Radio, The Vic Heart Show – Chapter 2 premiers the Summer of 2013! DON’T MISS IT!


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Vic Heart