Hunter Erwin Featured Christian Country Artist on HLE Radio

Hunter Erwin Featured Christian Country Artist on HLE Radio

 Hunter Erwin Featured Christian Country Artist on HLE Radio

Hunter Erwin is a southern country boy born September 29, 1978 and raised in a small town in Tickfaw, Louisiana. Hunter has been a singer/songwriter of christian country music since 1998. With his rich, baretone voice, he dedicates his talents to serving God and has had his share of success in the radio industry with 2 radio releases, both hitting the christian country charts, as well as award winning music videos. Hunter has been blessed to have shared the stage in Nashville with such artists as Del Way, Mike Hammock, Mike Manuel, Tommy Brandt, Branded, The Fox Brothers, Charlie Daniels and Lonestar to name a few.

Hunter and his wife, Heather, have a beautiful 4 year old girl, Lakelyn. She has a true love for the Lord and loves singing with her daddy on stage. Hunter and his family currently live in Springfield, Louisiana and are members of The Church in St. Amant in St. Amant, Louisiana.

In January 2008, Hunter took a step of faith to pursue his ministry full time. During his first year in the ministry, Hunter sang and ministered to over 80 dates. In 2009 and 2010, he dates doubled. He is looking forward to what God has in store for him in 2011! God continues to open doors and bless he and his family allowing them to travel all over the world and change lives through the music of Jesus Christ. Hunter travels to churches of any size, revivals, and any other events that allow him to spread the love of Christ.

Being raised down south, country and gospel music played a big part in Hunter’s childhood. He grew up in a baptist church within walking distance from his home. His dad was a deacon and the family hardly ever missed church. Hunter grew up around music, as his dad loved gathering with close friends to “pick and grin” to some good old gospel music. Hunter grew up listening to Randy Travis, George Jones, Keith Whitley and Tracey Lawrence. He enjoyed the country tune and had a strong love for the Lord. As he got older, he knew he was called to do the Lord’s work. At the age of 16, he was watching a TV show called the Swans Place on the TBN channel. There was a christian country music artist by the name of Ken Holloway wearing a cowboy hat and playing his guitar singing “I Hope Heaven Has a Hoedown.” Ken is a legend today in the christian country music industry. After watching that show, Hunter knew exactly what he wanted to do for the Lord… sing for Him with a country kick! From that point on, he played guitar, bass and sang in churches every chance he could. He even sang some of Ken’s songs. He also joined gospel groups and eventually ventured out on his own to continue the Lord’s work on a part time basis for 10 years, as he had a full time job in the medical field.

Years later, Hunter met his beautiful wife, Heather (on a blind date!), and they married in 2003. Shortly after, Hunter began singing more heavily and cut a small budget album that got into the hands of a country music label in Nashville, TN. He was offered a recording contract, but they wanted him to perform in places he had never been before…the honkey tonk bars. Hunter knew that he would never be able to sing for the Lord in those places, so he walked away from the offer and continued singing where ever God opened the door.

A few short years later, he met the legendary, Ken Holloway, and became close friends. In 2006, Ken produced Hunter’s first “Self Titled” album. Hunter then met up with an old high school friend who had recently graduated from film school and started producing music videos from the songs off his record.

In April 2007, Hunter and his wife were blessed with a precious baby girl, Lakelyn.

After much prayer and waiting on the Lord, Hunter left his job in the medical field and stepped out on faith on January 1, 2008, to pursue his ministry full time. Around this time, Ken Holloway produced Hunter’s second album, “Livin’ Like I’m Leaving.”

During this time, Hunter had award winning music videos and had several songs off his first two albums, hit the christian country music charts.
In November 2009, Hunter started working on his third album, “Back To You”, with Terajay Music Group in Nash, TX. He signed a distribution contract with Terajay to distribute this new album nationwide to bookstores and online websites, such as and This new album was recently released in March 2010. Then in October 2010, he released an Acoustic Country Christmas album. God is at work and his next new album will soon be in the works!

God continues to bring Hunter and his family all over the world to gather lost souls and bring them to Christ. They are excited to see what God has in store for them for years to come.