Hope Corral Cowboy Church

From the Desk of Pastor Brian Graves


Pastor Brian Graves grew up in Minot North Dakota. His young years were all about horses, cowboys and “when is the next time we can ride”. He started pic’n a guitar abut ten years old and the old cowboy songs and songs of the faith are deeply embedded in his heart. Those days have never been forgotten as his life has moved forward and his love for western culture is even stronger today then when he was young. He is dedicated to remembering that way of life and the good old fashioned values that went with it.

Pastor Brian is the son of Baptist Preacher who served forty-two years in North Dakota, Washington State and in the U.S. as a Traveling Speaker. In 2009 He went to sleep and woke up….in heaven.

Pastor Brian decided to follow Jesus August 24th 1991 at 4:30 am at age 19 and was baptized in April of 1992 to show the world he was dead to self and was ALIVE to live for Jesus . In July of 1993 Brian surrendered his life to preach the GREAT NEWS of Jesus.

Pastor Brian is married to, in his words “The most amazing woman in the world”. Christy Graves. Christy grew up locally in Cantonment, FL. Brian and Christy have been blessed with six children all of which use their musical talents at Hope Corral.

During his lifetime Pastor Brian Graves has served his Country Proudly in Military Service, served his community as a Deputy Sheriff,

911-Dispatcher,Volunteer Fire Fighter & Medical First Responder.

During a lifetime of Ministry Services Pastor Brian has served as a Minister of Music, Traveling Preacher and Singer. Pastor Brian &

Mrs. Christy served as Director of Single Parents Ministries and Group facilitator’s in a Divorce Recovery Program. Pastor Brian served

as a Supervisor, Counselor and Mentor in a men and woman’s Court Ordered Rehabilitation Program. Pastor Brian has also served

Churches by, Teaching Bible Studies, Bible Based Financial Courses , providing services as a Christian Artist, Ventriloquist acts for

Children’s Ministries, serving in the nursery and serving as church janitor.

God has given Pastor Brian a heart to see the hurt of people and passion for telling them about the GOOD NEWS of the of Jesus.

Pastor Brian extends a warm welcome and a hand of friendship as he invites you to “The Gathering” every Sunday Morning.

Pastor Brian Graves at Hope Corral Church of Milton, Florida.


Latest Sermons by Pastor Brian Graves


What Gift

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The Bucks Stops Here

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If My Ass Could Talk

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Game Day

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Formula for Peace

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