Heart Issues on HLE Radio, with Vic Heart & Megan Lynn

Vic Heart

Vic Heart

Vic Heart, a radio personality for HLE Radio located in Jennings-LA, sales executive, and host of Heart Issues on HLEradio.com airing

Monday – Thursday at 9AM. 

Discussing issues close-to-home, my style is simple, modern, and contemporary.  Listed and endorsed by a Christian Country network is truly an honor and a unique experience for Vic.

“Some things skim the surface of our consciences and other issues hit closer to home. Heart Issues is a ministry designed to impact real people by discussing real issues from a Christian perspective. I want to extend a personal welcome to those interested in joining me Mon-Thur at 9am on HLEradio.com. Personally, I am happy with the outreach this ministry is sustaining. I’ve heard from the listeners the show is influential and equipping people of all backgrounds with the boldness to simply ask questions. Nothing excites me more when someone asks me a question about my relationship with God.”

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Vic Heart welcomes you to join he and Megan Lynn on Heart Issues, Mon-Thur 9-11AM