Our Alumni

This page is dedicated to the artist and listeners that have been to HLE 3 or more times. We are proud of our HLE Alumni.


Arkin Terrell
Brent Harrison
Bruce Hedrick
Butch Tinker
Chip & Nikki Headley
Crossfire Gospel Band
Dennis Weidus
Darren Dickens
Diane Parten
Hunter Erwin
James Gee
Jamie Lynn
Jan Thompson
Jayc Harold
Jeff Bates
Jenna Faith
John Randolph
Johnny Rowlette
Jordan Wilson
Justin Todd Herod
Ken Holloway
Kevin Lynn Woodall
Leo Johnston
Lone Highway
Mary James
Melissa Wyatt
Mike Sanford
Pamela Oakley
Peter MacDougal
Roger Barkley Jr
Shelly Wilson
Steve Bridgmon
Steve Roberson
Steve Shirey
The Arenos
Tommy Brandt
Tommy Brandt II
Trevor Bohannon
Trinity Wennerstrom
Wade Phillips



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